About Us

Our company was opened in Sivas Istasyon Street by Mevlüd Binici. Gülcan Giyim was founded on women's and children's clothing. Later, in Sivas, it was not a problem to find clothes for women with a plus, and our women started to serve women with a plus only by closing the children's aisle so that they could meet with a wide variety.

We have adopted the principle of creating a store environment where our customers find quality and trust with the business ethics passed down from generation to generation as a company principle. In Sivas, we still maintain a long-term cooperation with our customers by providing a warm dialogue environment. Gülcan Giyim is an Anatolian enterprise that has adopted continuous dialogue in disease, health, death and birth.

In order to carry this warm conversation and benefit-oriented communication to the Internet environment, we have now entered into E-commerce. Our goal is not only to establish a "shopping cart link", but also to establish a heart bond. Just like in our store.

You can contact us through our contact page, our social media accounts, Whatsapp and live support system.